Why Mangosteen for great Skin?

What is Mangosteen?

 Garcinia mangostana is the scientific name of mangosteen. It is a rare  tropical evergreen tree. The tree matures for 15 years before it bears  fruit. It is found in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia  and Hawaii. The purple mangosteen is considered to be the queen of all  tropical fruits due to its rarity, unique appearance and exquisite  flavor. 

Antioxidants & Xanthones

 The pericarp or rind of this superfruit is a powerhouse of  xanthone  extracts called garcinol and mangostin. Xanthones are phytonutrients  only found in this fruit. They are known to be strong antioxidants and  fierce free radical fighters.  Garcinol and mangostin are also well  documented to exhibit incredible anti-inflammatory properties by  inhibiting cyclo-oxygenase enzymes and carcinogens (cancer- causing  substances). Mangosteen has an abundance of anti-viral, anti-biotic, and  anti-fungal properties.  

Mangosteen for Healthy Beautiful Skin!

 Mangosteen has been used for centuries throughout Asia for  people suffering from acne, eczema,  psoriasis and various rashes. Mangosteen  is also widely used for anti-aging and the balancing of skin tone . The antioxidant substance, xanthones, are more powerful than vitamins A, C & E.  Xanthones offer vigorous  benefits to nourish, rejuvenate, and slow aging. They are able to heal cells damaged by free radicals while strengthening the overall health of the skin and promote collagen production . Mangosteen will reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, and diminish the risk of blemishes, leaving you with beautiful glowing skin!Please enjoy these natural skin care products handmade with the finest organic ingredients that will result in healthy skin you will feel wonderful in!