Jeff Said on 9/17/2015

Dear Utara, I have never heard of Mangosteen, but I am so glad that my daughter knew about it. I am presently in remission from B Cell Lymphoma cancer...Yay! While the cancer is gone, the chemo treatments left me some changes. One of these is that my skin is dryer than before. As a male in my mid-60s, I am not too concerned about this, but my wife wants me to "moisturize." I have tried a few, but most have a fragrance I don't like and/or do not seem to have any benefit beyond 20-30 minutes. Your Utara Face, Hand & Body Lotion beats the others in both of these categories. I am happy, and--more importantly--so is my wife! Thank you for making this Mangosteen-based product available. Sincerely, JP Gig Harbor, WA

Cynthia Said on 8/27/2015

I purchased Utara face,hand & body lotion at the Farmers Market in Hanalei Bay, Kauai in June. I am reordering today. It is thee BEST lotion and seriously, I have tried many lotions/creams from wonderful stores as well as department stores. I am an outdoor person and 'sun freak' so I need a good moisturizer. Mangosteen is amazing! My tan even last longer! My daughter goes to Kauai often and as we passed your booth said 'Mom, you need to try and buy this lotion.' I was 'sold' in a minute of trying it. I will be reordering again and will be amazing Christmas gifts. Mahalo!

Valeria Said on 8/25/2016

I found the body wash and lotion in a shop in Hanalei, Kauai. We have fallen in love with these products. My face, hair and skin have a much softer texture. The lotion is amazing. It relieves the burn of sunburn and leaves my skin soft. I use both these products daily.

Ellen Said on 12/11/2014

I bought this soap at Papayas health food store during our recent trip to Kauai. I am thrilled to say it has helped tremendously with our sons acne. It has also been helpful with my very dry sensative skin. Thanks so much for making this great product!

Larry Said on 6/14/2014

Amy, We purchased your Mangosteen Soap a couple of weeks ago at the farmer's market on Kauai for our granddaughter who has psoriasis. In little over a week we have seen tremendous results. I also have been using your soap, I have acne scars and have seen an improvement to my skin as well. I am placing an order for more of your wonderful product!

Mary Said on 3/28/2014

I have been using your soap for years. It travels the world with me and I feel a bit panicked if I forget to bring it along. My sensitive skin has never been so peaceful with any soap product. Thank you!